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About Us

Project SEARCH is based at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. The administrative team oversees a large international network of Project SEARCH program sites. We maintain an active, ongoing program of technical assistance, program evaluation, program development, and continuous improvement.

Meet the Team


Erin Riehle, RN, MSN

Erin is a recognized authority and national leader in promoting employment opportunities for people with disabilities and other barriers to employment. She is a founder and Senior Director of Project SEARCH, an employment and transition program that has received national recognition for innovative practices pioneered under Ms. Riehle’s guidance.

Susie Rutkowski, BS, MEd

Susie is the Co-Director and Educational Specialist for Project SEARCH. She is a nationally recognized transition expert with specific experience in program development in career technical education and job development for young adults with disabilities. She served as the Manager for Disability Education at Great Oaks Career Campuses for over twelve years. During that tenure she co-founded Project SEARCH.

  Program Specialists

Lyn Andrews, BA

Lyn has 30 years of experience planning, implementing and evaluating community employment programs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She provides Model Fidelity Reviews for Project SEARCH programs with the goal of supporting continuous improvement and increasing employment outcomes. Lyn is based in the Seattle area.

Maryellen Daston, PhD

Maryellen is responsible for identifying state and federal funding opportunities, preparing grant applications, and managing the database and website content. Maryellen also contributes to the Project SEARCH website and other communications, including a book on the history, philosophy, and practices of Project SEARCH.

Elizabeth Falk, MA, EdS

Elizabeth Falk (Liz) is the NEXT for Autism Program Specialist. She has over twenty years classroom experience as a Special Educator and Educational Administrator. Her expertise includes applied behavior analysis and structured teaching as modeled through TEACCH (UNC). She is currently completing the requirements for becoming a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and a Master Trainer with TEACCH through the University of North Carolina.

Paula Johnson, BS, MS

Paula has more than 30 years of experience in employment for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She is currently a program specialist assisting schools, community rehabilitation agencies, funding agencies and employers with the development of new programs in 15 states and Canada.  Paula is based in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

Carmel McKeogh, MCIPD

Carmel McKeogh has been passionate about promoting the employment of people with learning disabilities since 2002, speaking at numerous conferences in Europe and providing advice and guidance on how organizations’ policies and practices can be adapted to create a fairer workplace for people with disabilities. She now works for Project SEARCH as a Program Specialist in England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and Europe.

Molly Michels, BS, MA

Molly provides training and technical assistance for Project SEARCH sites in several states. Prior to joining Project SEARCH, Molly spent more than a decade developing and implementing employment initiatives for people with disabilities on behalf of the University of Wisconsin Madison Waisman Center and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services.  Molly is based in Madison, Wisconsin.

Anne O’Bryan, BA

Anne has promoted full-time paid employment for all people with learning disabilities and autistic spectrum conditions since 1979. She has assisted individuals, families, employers, and service providers in program design and continuous improvement. Since 2013 Anne has led European Project SEARCH program development. She is also a founding member of the South West Employment Institute.

  Business Office

Charee Partee

Charee has 24 years’ of experience in the field of health care administration. Her role with Project SEARCH includes providing administrative support for the staff, coordinating tours, and managing logistics for the International Conference. She has worked in the Division of Developmental Behavior Pediatrics, which includes The Kelly O'Leary Center—a facility for children with autism.

Brian Weimer

Brian has a degree in accounting from Mount St. Joseph University in Cincinnati, OH. He has 7 years of experience working in healthcare revenue cycle and customer service. Brian is the Financial Analyst for the Disabilities Services Department at Cincinnati Children’s. His role with Project SEARCH includes invoicing, payments, and other financial duties.