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If you’re interested in attending a Project SEARCH program, enrolling your young adult child, or in helping young people with disabilities gain the skills they need to get meaningful jobs, there are many ways to get involved with Project SEARCH.

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Internship Instructor

Location: Conway, SC
Organization:  Coastal Carolina University LIFE Program (Visit website to learn more and apply)
Date Posted: 10/15/2020

• Develop Individual Plan for Employment (IPE) based on individual preferences and skills;
• Assess student skills and gather baseline data;
• Plan and provide daily classroom instruction in employment skills;
• Teach interns
• Provide support to practice interview skills;
• Perform skills training duties to assist with skills acquisition and problem solving;
• Monitor and record daily attendance at work sites and in the classroom;
• Complete necessary evaluations, reports and other documentation;
• Develop portfolio for each student, documenting each work site and skills acquired;
• Coordinate employment planning meetings to discuss progress toward work goals;
• Visit student internships and give feedback to all team members;
• Collect data on student outcomes including jobs gained, wages, hours worked per weeks, and benefits provided by the employer;
• Communicate effectively with interns, department level managers, hospital staff, LIFE Staff, parents, and other constituents, regarding Internship placements and student progress;
• Plan/participate in Internship related meetings;
• Participate in professional development in the following areas:
o Systematic instruction, training techniques and strategies and other training as requested;
o Attend host business orientation; coordinate internal career development with business liaison and LIFE Employment Coordinator;
o Work with LIFE Employment Coordinator to secure competitive, community employment for interns;
o Provide exceptional customer service to all constituents, including but not limited to, faculty, staff, students, visitors and the community at     large.

Cheryl Morgan


Skills Trainer

Location: Indianapolis, IN
Organization: Indianapolis Public Schools (Visit website to learn more and apply)
Date Posted: 08/25/2020

• Provides Classroom Instruction and Assistance
• Participates in basic job coach training PRN (Systematic Instruction, Lean and other appropriate training) and continual staff development
• Reports to Project SEARCH instructor when late or absent
• Works with instructor and team lead to assess student skills and gather baseline data
• Works with instructor and team lead to assist with internship development, create/assist with task list, job analysis, and plan for necessary modifications for internships, and the ability to use technology as a tool in the development/coaching/training of internships
• Reinforce employability skills and assists intern to understand and interpret work culture
• Assists in training intern in interview process in order for interns to gain both internships and competitive positions
• Learns the internship duties and makes any modifications as needed (label cabinets, update Kindal/tech device, simplify written instructions by use of other media-pictures, checklist etc) necessary to the successful completion of the job
• Attends Community Health Network Orientation with interns (on site), clarify information as needed
• Assist instructor and team lead with network online mandatory’s required by Community Health Network
• Provide skill training and job coaching of the required internship(s)
• Skill trainer is assigned several interns and will provide ongoing individualized supports and ongoing training as needed to increase independence and skill set
• Skills trainer assist with building natural supports and reduce the amount of time spent with each intern as core skills are developed
• Teach safe practices according to the work environment (for example: universal precautions, chemical usage)
• Models appropriate worksite behavior(s)
• Works with instructor and team lead to determine new skills (increase job tasks) as intern gains competencies and confidence
• Meets with instructor and team lead regularly to discuss issues, solve problems, and successes
• Assist with assessing interns progress and give feedback to intern and team members
• Provide new internship ideas to the team
• Participate in intern and family meetings as needed
• Participate in steering meeting as needed
• Provide assistance to instructor and team lead on Project SEARCH activities throughout the year (celebrations, outings etc.)

Amber Paz

Project SEARCH Employment Specialist

Location: Rockford, IL 
Date Posted: 07/07/2020

Purpose of Position: The Project SEARCH Employment Specialist will work with a team to provide support and assistance to Project SEARCH interns in order to meet the outcome goals of the program and participating interns. This position also requires an understanding of the principle of the Independent Living (IL) philosophy, and a genuine desire to carry out this philosophy. Project SEARCH is a unique, business led, one-year school-to-work program that takes place entirely at Mercyhealth Hospital. The selected students will work in three internships over the course of the year in combination with classroom instruction, goal setting, career exploration, and hands-on training through worksite rotations. Each student works with a team that includes their family, an instructor, a department mentor, rehabilitation counselor and employment specialist to create their employment goal and to support the student during their transition from school to work.

Macy Kellenberger